How To Make Ruffled Paper Flowers

How To Make Ruffled Paper Flowers

Using paper, scissors, and some beads, you can create these ruffled paper flowers for every occasion. Perfect kids craft!

What you need

Paper, (computer paper, scribbler pages, anything)
Round object
Beads or button
School glue (or any paper glue)


Ruffled Paper Flowers

Step 1. Any type of paper will work. I used sheets from a colored notebook.

Step 2. Trace around a round object and cut out 4 circles. (Use as many circles as you wish). I used a coffee mug.

Step 3. Cut random slits all around the circles.

Step 4. Crumble the circles in your hand.

Step 5. Spread them back out, leaving them slightly rumpled.

Step 6. Cut a smaller circle in a different color.

Step 7. Crumble it up as well.

Step 8. Crumble up another piece of paper, then make an indentation in the center with your thumb for beads.

Step 9-11. With school glue, stack and glue all the layers together. (Photos 9, 10, and 11)

Step 12. Glue beads or a button in the center. Use this flower for cards, scrapbooking, refrigerator magnets, etc.

See more paper crafts on my youtube channel, Hectanooga1.


  1. Simple,easy and cute.

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