Day Spa – Papaya Body Wrap

Day Spa – Papaya Body Wrap

This tutorial shows you how to make your own body wrap using Papaya. This body wrap will leave your skin feeling amazing! it's 100 natural and full of goodness.

What you need

1 ripe Papaya
1 roll of cling wrap.


Take your ripe papaya and mash it to a paste like consistency.

Coat your body in the Papaya mash and wrap your skin with cling wrap to trap in all the enzymes and natural goodness.

Allow to sit for 20 mins and then unwrap and wash off.

Your skin should be exfoliated and polished.

Together with alpha hydroxy acids, papain acts as a gentle exfoliator that dissolves  protein and dead dry skin cells. Using papaya on the skin will leave your skin soft, smooth and supple. Heals dry, flaky skin. Reduces visibility of acne scars and dark spots.

Add some Weightloss slimming essential oils to help detox the body such as Ginger and Grapefruit.

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