Papaya and Oats Oily Skin Facial

Papaya and Oats Oily Skin Facial

Papaya contains natural enzymes that replenish the skin, whilst the oats soothe and exfoliate. Make this facial at home to replenish your skin. Perfect for those who have oily skin.

What you need

1/2 cup of Mashed Papaya or Pawpaw
2 tbs of Oats
1 tbs of Almond or Olive oil.


This is very easy:

Mash papaya pulp with a fork.

Add oatmeal, mix all the ingredients to make a paste.

Apply it on the face.

Massage lightly in a circular motion and rinse with lukewarm water.

This papaya facial scrub is suitable for oily skin type.


Together with alpha hydroxy acids, papain acts as a gentle exfoliator that dissolves  protein and dead dry skin cells. Using papaya on the skin will leave your skin soft, smooth and supple. Heals dry, flaky skin. Reduces visibility of acne scars and dark spots.

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