Survival Kit For Surgery

Survival Kit For Surgery

Make this funny and practical survival kit gift for someone about to have surgery.

What you need

See Below


Purchase a small gift bag and fill with all or some of the items below along with a label explaining each token.

You can also include items from the Hospital stay Survival kit too.

Needle and Thread – in case the stitches don’t quite hold

Lifesavers – to remind you that friends are here to help

Smiley Face – smiling helps you heal faster

Joke Book – Laughter is always the best medicine

Hershey’s Hug and Kiss – for whenever you need one

Candy – For when you need a burst of energy

Crayon – to color your day brighter

Marble/Ball – to keep you rolling on the road of recovery

Rubber band – to help you to bounce back


  1. I think it’s wonderful I can’t wait to use some of them. Thanks for sharing

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