Panty Liner Case

Panty Liner Case

This free Crochet Pattern shows you how to crochet a panty liner case - perfect little project for your purse.

What you need

Less than 1/2 Ball of Lily Sugar and Cream 100% Cotton yarn
Size F or G crochet hook
(Depending on how tight or loose you crochet,I used size F).
Applique (optional)


Note: case is made in all one piece.The tab loop added last. Sew edges last. Also, Ch 2 counts as a HDC unless otherwise stated.


Ch 11

Row 1) 1 HDC in 3rd Ch from hook and all rem. chains. Ch 2. Turn.

Row 2) 1 HDC in next HDC. 1 HDC in all rem HDC’s. Ch 2. Turn.

Rows 3-7) Rep Row 2. At end of Row 7, Ch 2. Turn.


Row 8) HDC in back loops only across. Ch 2. Turn.

Rows 9-13) Rep Row 2. Do not Ch 2 after Row 13. Instead, fasten off after Row 13.

Front Flap & Tab

Row 1) W/ Sl St join yarn at 1st rem loop of foundation row. Ch 2, HDC across. Ch 2. Turn.

Row 2) 1 HDC Dec, 1 HDC in each HDC to last 2,1 HDC Dec. Ch 1. Turn. (8)

Row 3) Rep Row 2. Ch 1. Turn. (6)

Row 4) SL St 2. Ch 1. Turn.

Rows 5 & 6) Sc 2. Ch 1. Turn. Row 7) Dec 1. Fasten Off.

Tab Loop

Attach yarn w/ SL St on Row 3 of Front at 4th HDC from right front edged. Chain 4 SL St in 7th HDC from same edge.

Edging Sc around entire edge (including tab).

Have Sc, Ch 1, Sc in corners and Tip of tab. Fasten off.

Finishing Fold front and back wrong sides together having “rem back loop only” to the outside. With yarn sew the sides together.

Tuck the tab into loop to close.

Glue an appliqué to the front flap (optional).


  1. Cute project in between larger ones 🙂

  2. Good “easy” project, not for a beginner though. DO NOT work in cotton yarn, too tough to crochet! Any other worsted wt. yarn will do. I got a little lost with the Tab section, so I winged it there. But otherwise this would be a nice little project for a tween girl. 🙂

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