Wire-Free Wreath Made With Felt

Wire-Free Wreath Made With Felt

This kids Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to make a wire free wreath by plaiting together stiff felt.

What you need

3 x (1 yard x 5 inch wide) felt strips in different colors.
Merry Christmas sign for decoration and/or Christmas pick for embellishment.
Craft glue
rubber bands x2


You need to start by laying out your lengths of felt and beginning to plait.

You can use a rubber band to hold it in place as you plait.

Scoop it around in to a circle to form the wreath.

Secure the bottom with a rubber band and Unravel both ends to form the loose dangle/tassle as shown in the photo.

Secure the wreath with glue and cut the ends into smaller strips to form the  tassle like effect at the bottom.

Finish off with your embellishments.

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