Pant Leg Purse Sewing Pattern

Pant Leg Purse Sewing Pattern

Make this purse from recycled pant or shirt sleeve!

What you need

End of a shirt sleeve, or end of a pair of pants.
Needle and thread.


Cut the sleeve/leg to the depth you want your bag to be, then turn it inside-out so that you can sew the bottom of the tube-shape.

Sew the bottom of the tube so that the hem is at the top of the bag (to strengthen the edge of the bag).

Turn the bag right-side-out, and sew on a handle (you can use fabric or belting material).

A clasp is optional to close your bag.

Then just sew on decorations of your choice and you’re done!

The above picture was contributed by Krista


  1. Cute bag–one could use the left over legs from making the booty bag.

  2. That’s quite nice actually!

  3. It’s so cute! I love it!!

  4. The Bean Patch says

    I make these a lot, and put on Iron on appliques and all kinds of extra’s. You don’t have to use denim either, you can use any fabric! And old mens ties make great handles too!

  5. This is a marvelous idea!

  6. Sewing-x-Machine says

    I haven’t tried it, but I’m sure I will… Yours turned out really good though!

  7. like the idea of recycling neat

  8. very cute


  10. I love it……..i am making it for my best friend!!! <3

  11. Its kind of nice but a bit to childish and girly. Looks easy to make though.

  12. It’s simple and easy to learn how to make pretty cool stuff.

  13. ilovehorses says

    i made one and embroidered my initials on it along with alittle flower.for my handle I took 6 strands of thick yarn braided it and sewed it on. lookes Awsom!!!!!tank u!!!

  14. It’ll be nice to do something productive with those old jeans…Hey, this would work well with the denim roses, wouldn’t it?

  15. I love it 🙂

  16. I think it’s cute and really nice

  17. I have actually made these for my daughters. For the handle, I used two different strips of fabric, sewn together. I took the strip, then twisted it, while twisted, I sewed it onto the purse.. does that make sense… so the handle is twisted fabric, almos

  18. I made this and I am honored to have it posted here. I like the idea of using whatever trim you want around the top. to give it personality. Other ideas: various buttons, ribbon, an old belt, sequins, beads, fringe just have fun and make it your own!

  19. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    loved it…i agree with disneydancer,no need to be rude,and besides it ORIGINAL!!!!!!its not supposed to give personalization instrouctions,it made to be personalized,and u just dont like the fact that u dont have the imiganition to prrsonalixe it ur self

  20. Even though I generally dislike crafts w/o a picture I a gree with DisneyDancer. No need to be rude and the instructions are very straight forward.

    About the bag: Has potential to be very cute but it is very simple.

  21. i hear good things about the bag but it would be nice to have a picture to see what it might look like in the end instead of trying to guess what it looks like you know

  22. DisneyDancer1986 says

    If you would actually read through it, you would know what to do, with or w/o a pix, and there is no need to be completely rude either. I could see this as a nice party bag, day or evening! =3 As for deco ideas, patches, beads, seqins, etc.

  23. no clear picture!! any ideas for decorations would help

  24. Good work Thanks!

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