Paint a Lilly

Paint a Lilly

Use the pattern and the suggested colors to paint a lilly.

What you need

Piece of firm card. 5’x7′
Tracing paper
White Graphite paper
Picture frame
(The sample is 5 1/2′ x 71/4′)


Palette :
DecoArt American Acrylics.

Black green DA 157
Plantation Pine DA 113
Jade Green DA 57
Golden Straw DA 168
Moon Yellow DA 7
Buttermilk DA 3
Toffee DA 59
Titanium White DA 1
Control Medium DAS11
Brush and Blend DAS1
Satin Varnish DS15

These paints have been selected by the artist and are used as a guideline to complete this project. You may use any brand of paint in similar colors to get the same effect.

Flat brushes: 1″, 1/2″ or 1/4″ (I use Loew Cornell)
Number 3 Round brush.
Fine liner brush – size 00 or smaller


Background Preparation:

1. Base entire area with one coat of black green. Allow to dry.

2. Place on your palette puddles of Black Green, Plantation Pine and Jade Green.

3. Coat entire area in control medium.

4. While still wet pick up some Black Green and Plantation Pine on your 1″ flat brush and slip slap in a cross hatch fashion over the base coat around the edges. Pick up the lighter Jade colour as you move towards the center of the background.

5. The amount of light and dark colour is entirely up to you. The light in the center should have a soft halo effect. Pitty pat with your brush to move paint around, blend and soften. The control medium allows you to do this.

6. Allow to dry thoroughly.

7. Trace the pattern onto tracing pattern and apply to the card using your favorite method. (I used White graphite)


1. Base Lilly flower in Buttermilk using round or smaller flat brush. At least 2 Coats will be needed. You need opaque coverage on the darker background.

2. Double load the round brush with Plantation Pine and Jade Green and paint in the leaves and stems. If using two strokes, keep the darker colour to the center.

3. Pick up straight Jade on the side of the brush where you originally had the Jade and paint the light edges of the leaves. Use a drop and lift action to get a gentle wave.

4. Float highlights with Jade and shadows with Black green using your 1/2 or 1/4 flat brush. Brush and Blend loaded into the brush will help the paint to flow smoothly.

5. Retrace lines onto the Lilly if needed. Float a shadow of Antique white.

6. Deepen shadow with a further float of Toffee.

7. Highlight with Titanium White.

8. Paint the stamen with your liner brush by loading in both Golden Straw and Moon Yellow as you would with a round brush. Tap little dots into the stamen area. Pick up more of the lighter colour for the right hand side.

9. Glaze the Lilly by loading the flat brush in brush and blend, then picking up a minute amount of Black green on one corner. Wipe the colour through the brush so you can just see it as a tint on your palette. Tint the Lilly at the throat and under the rolled over petal.

10. Allow to dry.


1. Varnish with satin varnish. Do not overwork the paint. Paint a coat in one direction. When this is dry paint a second coat the other way.

2. Allow to cure for a few days before mounting into a picture frame.

Congratulations! You are done.

Original Design By Jenny Langford. Copyright 1998 ã The Black Swan Decorative Art Studio, Victoria Australia.
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