Notebook Purse

Notebook Purse

This project shows you how to alter a notebook into a notebook that looks like a purse. Great for carrying around the office, school or uni.

What you need

Composition notebook
scrapbook paper (4 12×12 sheets)
velcro dots
ribbon charm
mod podge


Cut 2 corners off the composition book (I used a utility knife and a metal ruler).

Choose scrapbook papers or fabric to cover the book and apply mod podge to the cover of noteboook. Apply paper and smooth with brayer or similar tool.

Fold over excess to back, cutting to miter where needed, applying mod podge and smooth flat.

Glue ribbon with charm to front cover folding over edges to inside.

Allow to dry and repeat for back cover.

Glue ribbon piece for closure to inside back cover firmly and then glue handles to desired locations.  Cut inside piece to cover.

Repeat for front cover inside.

Attach Velcro dots to top outside cover and glue lace and button decos onto ribbon on top of the other Velcro dot.

All done!


  1. If you use Modge Podge, and add a couple of extra coats it is a protective layer and a sealer for the paper.

  2. VictorianaBeauty1969 says

    This is a great idea. One thing you might want to add is to make some sort of protective cover for it, whether out of material, felt, crochet, etc., or even a self-made plastic cover to protect it from getting wet, damaged etc. during transport.

  3. very creative. 🙂 Great!

  4. i say creative if you want to make one actually look unique 🙂

  5. looks ok, cute, nice

  6. really cute idea, used it on my last cruise and other travels. Several people copied the pattern.

  7. Simple but nice , ideal for those who are lazy to carry many books around…

  8. pretty but useless

  9. too cool i’m making 1

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