Easter Basket – Milk Jug

Easter Basket – Milk Jug

Easter make this easy easter basket using a recycled milk jug and some craft paper

What you need

1 recycled milk jug
1 recycled egg carton
4-5 sheets of green paper
1 green poster board
white craft foam
pink craft foam
black marker
ribbon in a variety of colors
craft spray adhesive
hole punch
masking tape


The annual Easter egg hunt will be even more fun when kids stow their eggs in this handmade Easter Milk carton basket.

1.      Cut the top off the milk jug, cutting about two inches below the handle.

2.      Measure and cut a six-inch wide strip from a sheet of green poster board.

3.      Spray the outside of the milk jug with the craft spray adhesive.

4.      Wrap the green poster board around the milk jug, leaving about a half-inch of poster board that rises above the top edge of the milk jug.

5.      Use clothespins to hold the poster board in place until the glue dries.

6.      Flip the jug upside down. Make two cuts at each corner, about an inch apart, from the bottom of the poster board, all the way to the bottom of the milk jug.

7.      Fold these flaps down and tape with masking tape to the bottom of the jug.

8.      Cut a 4” x 4” square from the green poster board, and spray with the adhesive.

9.      Place the square on the bottom of the milk jug to cover the folded edges and masking tape.

10.  With the poster-board-wrapped milk jug right side up again, make cuts along the edge, trimming away irregular triangles to form the grass.

11.  Make sure to cut the grass a little shorter along the 2-inch area where the bunny will peek out.

12.  Add a couple of flower sequins to the green poster board.

13.  Draw the peeking bunny on white craft foam.

14.  Cut the inside of the ears and the nose from pink craft foam. Glue in place.

15.  Use black marker to draw the face and paws.

16.  Glue the bunny in place along the inside edge, peeking out.

17.  Use the whole punch to make a hole centered on each of two sides of the basket.

18.  Cut 6 two-foot strands of ribbon in different spring colors.

19.  Twist the ends of the ribbon together and thread them through one of the holes from the inside of the jug.

20.  Make a knot on the outside of the jug and leave a few inches of ribbon to form a tassel.

21.  Braid the ribbons to form the handle.

22.  When the handle has reached the desired length, feed the ribbon through the other hole and knot on the outside, leaving a matching tassel.

23.  Run several pieces of green paper through a shredder. Place this “grass” inside the basket.

24.  Cut the top off of the egg carton. Cut the carton in half. Place the 6-count egg carton inside the basket.


  1. Alejandra Garza says

    Want to see the finished product !!

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