No Sew Mobile Bangle Tote

No Sew Mobile Bangle Tote

This bag is so quick to make and great for crafters who can not sew. It uses a bangle to hook it onto your wrist which makes it a great party bag.

What you need

Bangle for handle
Fleece Fabric


Start by working out how big you would like your bag to be, this bag is small for a mobile phone and is 25 cm from the top to the bottom.

You will need to fold your fabric in half and cut out a rectangle. Our rectangle was 25 cm x 20 cm. But you can create whatever size and shape you like.

Once you have your rectangle shape it should have a fold at one of the smaller ends. This will be the loop that goes over your Bag handle.

No Sew Bag pattern

To form the handle, cut out a small section from the folded end of the rectangle. You can see the design above. It does not have to be exactly the same as ours, as its really open to your own creativity. You could make it straight, curved, rounded.

You can even alter the length of this handle. That’s what makes this project so much fun, it really is unique and original.

Once you have cut the handle shape using some scissors you will need to cut the tying tassels out of the fabric. This is done by making cuts into the Bag section around 1 cm apart.

Once you have your cuts in both layers. Thread the folded end over your bangle.

Then you simply tie two tassels together to form a knot. This knot closes the bag up. Knot all the way around the bottom of the bag to close it up.

It’s as simple as that.

This bag is a great project for girl guides or scout groups as it needs very little supervision and is cheap to make.


  1. i actuallly really like this and hope to find the free time to do this…:D tanks….

  2. What a waste of a bangle

  3. Easy but sorry Looks tacky, Sorry.

  4. Great idea since a lot of my pants don’t have pockets for my keys or cell phone. This method or style of non sewing makes great pillows too. Thanks!

  5. I like bangels and so many so this is a great project I’ll try it.

  6. Very nice, very handy.

  7. this is a fashion victims accessory!

  8. I like this idea very much, and it’s SO much fun for pillows and blankets, but my only concern is the strength of it.

  9. Its really not that hard to sew you know

  10. I like the idea of this better than the other no-sew but it still looks sloppy and just bad..

  11. looks like whatever you are toting in that will surely fall out.

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