Crochet Multi-Wear Necklace

Crochet Multi-Wear Necklace

This crocheted necklace is long enough to be worn as a double-wrapped necklace, a choker, a lariat or wrapped several times around your wrist as a bracelet. Experiment with different colors of thread and beads.

What you need

Size 8 pearl cotton thread
90 to 120 assorted 2-8 mm beads
Beading needle
No. 1 1.60mm crochet hook
2 lobster clasps
Jewelry glue


Start by stringing the beads directly onto the spool of thread. Beads will be spaced about ½ inch apart, so string twice the number of beads as you want inches in your necklace. Once you’ve strung your beads, thread one of the lobster clasps onto the floss.

Make a loop with your thread and bring the tail under the loop. Pull the thread running beneath the loop up through the loop with your crochet hook, and gently pull the tail to tighten the loop on your hook.

Pull the lobster clasp up to your hook, and chain stitch for ½ inch. Pull a bead up to your hook. Continue chain stitching for another ½ inch and add another bead. Continue in this manner until your necklace reaches the desired length and finish with ½ inch of chain stitches.

Cut the thread 6 inches from the final stitch, leaving your crochet hook in the final loop. String the second lobster clasp onto the thread and pull it up to the hook. Chain stitch once more and pull the tail all the way through the final loop, releasing your hook. Pull to tighten.

Using your beading needle, weave both thread tails back through the crocheted necklace, tying a few overhand knots along the way to secure. Trim any remaining thread close to the project, and apply a dab of jewelry glue to the final knot.



  1. The directions are really difficult to wrap my head around. it would be cool to have diagrams or pictures or something

  2. Nice first project to teach children on crocheting thank you

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