Pumpkin Halloween Bunting

Pumpkin Halloween Bunting

This quick Halloween craft project is perfect for kids and perfect for parties and yard decorations.

What you need

Orange plastic table cloth or recycled orange bags
Orange cord or fishing line
Craft glue, hot melt or stapler.
black permanent marker pen


This project uses an orange plastic table cloth which can be found in most Dollar stores in the party supply section otherwise you can use recycled plastic bags or orange fabric.

orange cloth

Start by cutting the bunting triangles.

You can make extra large triangles if you have lots of plastic and a big house to decorate.

Once you have your triangles you will need 20-30 to look great as a bunting.

Draw the faces on using a permanent marker pen.

pumpkin design on bunting


scary pumpkin design

Once dry secure to the cord or fishing line with glue or staples.

These decorations are waterproof making them perfect for outdoors.


  1. This is a great idea!!

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