Halloween Coat Hanger and Bags Wreath

Halloween Coat Hanger and Bags Wreath

This Halloween craft project shows you how to make a wreath using plastic garbage bags and a coat hanger.

What you need

1/2 orange plastic party table cloth or similar plastic or material.
1 black plastic garbage bin liner or bag.
1 wire coat hanger
Halloween trinket for center of wreath (optional)


Start by taking you wire coat hanger and bending it into a circle.

Coat Hanger Bent

Next cut strips of plastic around 1 1/2 inch wide and 4 inch long (10 cm X 4 cm).

Tie the plastic strips around the wire by tying a single knot.

Tie knot on hanger

Keep doing this until the wire is full. It should be thick (around 1 hour). You can trim any long pieces when finished with the scissors.

Halloween Wreath 1

full Wreath

Finish off your wreath by adding a center piece. You can do this by tying a Halloween trinket (we used a giant rubber spider) into the center with fishing line.

Ghost in Wreath

Spider In Wreath

We used some orange raffia for a different effect.

Orange Raffia Wreath


  1. Stacey Pollnow says

    Love this!!! & You can get any color of plastic table cloths at the dollar tree!!!
    for $1.00 !!
    Can do it for 4th of July too!!
    red, white & blue!! & Other holidays too!!

  2. so cute, wish I had seen this earlier, I would have loved to make it for this halloween, but next year for sure.

  3. Very inexpenisve and easy craft idea. You could also make one using ribbon too of course it would make it a little more costly to make.

  4. excelent idea thak you

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