Neck Cooler

Neck Cooler

Keep cool in the summer with this DIY neck cooler.

What you need

Polymere beads / Water Wise Beads (found at garden centers for water retaining)
Tight weave fabric


Cut a rectangle 35 x 4 1/2 inches (88 cm x 12 cm).

Mark the material at both 7 inches (17 cm) and 9 1/2 inches (24 cm) from the short ends. These ends are used as ties.

Finish the raw edges from one 9 1/2-inch mark around the point, to the other 9 1/2-inch mark with an overclocked hem.

Fold the rectangle wrong sides together and sew along the long sides, between the 7-inch marks, using a small stitch and around 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Turn right side out and sew a double row of small stitches across one end at the 7-inch mark.

Place 1 to 2 teaspoons polymer beads in and sew across other end at 7-inch mark, making sure there are no gaps.

To use soak in cold water and wear.


  1. How do you wash the sweat off them?

    • Just a few drops of dish soap or shampoo. Hand wash. Rinse. Hang to dry. Do not put in washer it can cause the
      gel to seap out.

  2. where can you find Polymere beads ?

  3. I think the neck cooler looks great.I made some for my sister who is a Blue Star Mom to send to the troops in afganisten.

  4. I’ve been makeing these for 6 years for my grandson & friends who morocross races. They’re great when waiting in heat at start line and even better when moto is finished and you get back to the pitts. His dad will even wear a pink

  5. Otterkitty says

    Cool I’ll make some for summer

  6. To make this a really easy project, buy bandana’s to use. You can get them in lots of fun colors and they are the perfect size. LA

  7. my hubby works in the heat he thinks these are the best!

  8. i have 2 of these coolers and i just love them they work great.bev l.

  9. can’t wait to make this for my son and buddies for football practices!

  10. i really needed that

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