Spider Napkin Ring Using A Toilet Roll

Spider Napkin Ring Using A Toilet Roll

This quick kids Halloween craft project shows you how to make a napkin ring holder that looks like a scary spider using a toilet roll.

What you need

Toilet paper roll or cardboard tube
Black paint
Wobble eyes, stick on eyes or white marker pen.


Empty Toilet Roll

Start by taking your toilet roll and cutting 8 legs.

Do this by cutting slits 1/2 way up 8 times.

Cut 8 Slits

Then bend the legs down and out.

Bend Spider Legs

Spread Them Out

Paint with black paint and allow to dry.

Paint It Black

Glue on the eyes.

Add The Eyes

Finish off by popping your napkin into the holder.

This Halloween spider is great for group crafts as it is inexpensive and very simple to make.


  1. i love this! i used this for a halloween party! Fun!

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