Mouse Pop Purse

Mouse Pop Purse

Make a pop up purse that opens when you press on both sides. Fun for the kids and you!

What you need

needle and thread
beads / ribbon for decorating (optional)


Get a stiff cardboard (I recycle a mushroom packing box) and cut a shape like the picture.


The cardboard have to be stiff and flexible enough for a nice curve bend when you press it.



Cut 3 pieces of the cardboard – exactly the same shape and size.

Wrap a piece of rag / clothes..felt with be a good choice but I don’t have any and it’s very expensive here..



You make wrap it with double side tape, glue gun, anything that is friendly to handle. I cover the raw edge at inside with duck-tape..

You may sew another piece of clothes for the lining…but I’m not good in, this is my best option..

After done above step with the all 3 pieces… Take two of them and sew up the side.. the inner side is facing each other..



You will get a small pocket like this.. continue connect the other piece with one line of stitch too.

pp1 pp2 pp3

Remember not to close up the whole thing… After you done with the third piece, you will find a nice triangle piece of purse that will open when you press on both ends.. and the ‘Pop Open’ purse is done…



  1. cute, to reinforce the cardstock I think I would cover it with duck tape, or even use plastic canvas for the ovals

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