Mini Scrapbook Albums – Coasters

Mini Scrapbook Albums – Coasters

Coasters have become a popular scrapbook item. These cardboard-like embellishments can be used to create many scrapbooking projects. One use for coasters is to craft a mini-album with these versatile items.

What you need

Paper coasters
Scrapbook paper (cardstock and patterned papers)
Scrapbook embellishments (ribbon, brads, paper flowers, stamps, etc.)
Corner rounder
Paper trimmer
Hole punch


Coasters come in many different shapes and sizes so there are several choices when it comes to the size and shape of your coaster mini-album. The most common shapes for paper coasters are circles and squares. When making your mini album the possibilities are endless.


Choose the style and shape of the coaster. Blank coasters can be purchased at many craft stores or online in bulk at American Coasters. The blank coasters can be covered with paper or stamped directly on the outside of the paper coaster. If you choose to buy coasters with printing on them then your will need to cover them with scrapbook paper to hide the pictures.


Using the paper trimmer you will cut the scrapbook paper to the dimensions of your coaster. For example if you are using a square coaster (as shown in the picture) then you would cut the paper in a 4×4 square and use your corner rounder to round the corners so that the paper fits nicely over the coaster.


Once you have your paper trimmed and the corners rounded then you are ready to cover the coasters. You will cover the coaster on both sides for your mini album. The coasters can be covered with solid colored paper (cardstock) or a patterned paper in order to add character to the pages. Liquid adhesive works well because it can be spread over the entire area to ensure the ends of the paper are glued down and secure, but make sure you use the glue in moderation so that it doesn’t warp the paper.


Take your covered coasters and embellish them with photo mats, brads, stamps and ribbon. Then use metal rings, ribbon or other clasps to hold your album together. You can make a book-like album where you flip through the pages or create an album that folds-out like an accordion album.


After the pages have been embellished and you have cut and decorated the photo mats and/or journal blocks for the pages then you are ready to add photographs.

Tips for crafting albums like the examples:

To create an album like the square mini-coaster album example you will need to punch two holes in the side of the covered square coaster and use metal rings to hold the coasters together. This album has stamped words on the cover and inside. The cover is embellished with paper flowers and a button (in the middle of the flower).

For the round coaster album example you will need ribbon, brads and a strong adhesive like glue dots. The pages are held together with a piece of ribbon that is attached to the coaster with a metal brad on one side and adhesive on the other. The outside pages have a long piece of ribbon stuck to the outside edge that is used to tie the album together once the pages are folded on top of each other. You will need to attach the ribbon to the coaster before you cover it so that the paper hides the ends of the ribbon and secures it to the page. This album has a simple design with a paper tearing technique on the front cover and stamped flower and words.

Other suggestions for albums:

Accessorize the album by adding some pocket pages with extra tags for photographs or journaling. You can also create little file folders that fold down for hidden journaling or secret messages.

Create albums with a specific theme. Themes are great for mini-albums because they only have a few pages for your photo story. Make a ‘brag book’ for grandma with picture or her grandchildren or make a ‘baby shower’ memory book for one of your friends.

The only thing holding you back when it comes to the mini coaster albums is your own imagination.

Mini Scrapbook Example

Mini Scrapbook Example


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