Malteser Wrapper Clutch Purse

Malteser Wrapper Clutch Purse

This project is for a little fun. The first thing you will need to do is eat all the maltesers so you are left with an empty packet.

What you need

Malteser Wrapper 2x 500g packs
3 Blocks of brown poly clay
Heavy jewelry or memory wire
Clear Sticky/Duct Tape


Using scissors cut away the front logo side of each bag. This will create the front and back sides of the bag.

Cut away any of the crimping so you have a nice even design. Cut the back of the packets to form the two sides and the bottom of the bag will contain the bar-code.




The size is based on the packet so it is your template to work with. Lay the packet right side down onto clear contact, this will act as your main coverage and give it some stability.

Crease the two sides to form a gusset.

Now would be a good time to reinforce your bag with heavy cardboard. This is required because of the weight of the handles, without it the weight of the handles will pull the bag apart.

Using sticky tape adhere the cardboard and start closing the bag up. Use small pieces to work the edges and the sides. Work from the inside and the outside to ensure strong joints.

Once you have your basic bag joined Β it is time to punch the holes for the handles.

Punched holes in pack

Use a hole punch to punch in the holes and pop in some eyelets for strength. You can use any shape you feel like.

Once the holes are punched it is time to create your handles. Using poly clay roll small balls that resemble maltesers and thread them onto your wire handles.



The handle length will depend on your own preferences and you will need to make as many maltesers balls as required to fill the wire. Once you have the balls baked in the oven as to the poly clay or fimo clay instructions on the packet, give them a varnish and thread them into the eyelets.

Secure the wire by bending the wire around into a twist. A single fold is not enough so make sure you make a twirl that wont pop out of the hole when your handle hangs down.

And then you’re finished.


  1. this craft is awesome

  2. Cute really coolio….cant wait to get started(only problem: I HATE MALTESERS)
    lol πŸ™‚
    Laura πŸ™‚

  3. so totally adorable…..OMG πŸ˜‰

  4. A fun project, the handle makes it extra cute.

  5. too cute and eco friendly!

  6. Oh so cool. Gotta love Malt Balls! mmmmm I made a candy wrapper bag by weaving them together.

  7. it’s very creative and fun to do it

  8. Now thats interesting!

  9. Very, very cute. I love it!

  10. rilly cute ^.^

  11. Loved it! awesome and oh so cute

  12. totally cute…

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