Water Bottle Carrier

Water Bottle Carrier

This sewing pattern shows you how to make a handy water bottle carrier (ideal for a 600 ml water bottle).

What you need

40 cm x 32 cm piece of (print fabric.)
40 cm x 26 cm piece of ( lining fabric)


Start by printing the Water Bottle Carrier Pattern.

Cut out your pieces

Cut two pieces 27 cm x 22 cm one in print fabric and one in lining fabric.

Then cut two straps out of your print fabric 40 cm x 5 cm.

Cut two round bases from the remaining fabrics one in print and one in lining.

Sew your straps first stitch down the length of the strap with the right side facing inwards.

To make it easier to turn, stitch a piece of tape at the beginning on the inside then pull it through the tube – it will turn right side out for you.

Press , and set aside.

Next with wrong side out sew your print piece of fabric fold over so that you have a tube 13cm x 22cm.

The 22 cm will be your height. Stitch the printed base on the bottom, then turn right side out. Lay flat with your seam at the back position, your straps evenly on each side laying downwards pin into place. Set aside.

Now sew the lining the same but leave a small gap on the stitch line of the base (for turning). There are no straps.

Keep the lining wrong side out and slide it over the water bag so the top edge matches each other. (You should have both fabrics facing inwards).

Sew around the top.

Now carefully pull the print fabric through the lining , hand sew the gap closed and tuck the lining into the water bag.

All done!




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