Microwave Milkyway Pudding

Microwave Milkyway Pudding

A microwave pudding recipe for making with Milkyway bar.

What you need

1 1/2- 2 cups sized Mug
Recipe ingredients as shown below
Card for making tags
Zip Lock Bags


Mug Ingredients:

1/3 cup of chocolate cake mix (any brand)
1 fun size Milky way bar

Tag Instructions (or the recipe if you’re making it yourself)

Add 2 tsps of oil

1 egg

1 tbs of water

Mix well, microwave on high for 2 minutes.

All done!


  1. awesome so cool

  2. This looks like a good way to “remember” people on a special (or not so special) occasion when finances are tight. Thank you!

  3. I thought this was going to be pudding, not CAKE! maybe you should call it milkyway Cake instead of pudding, it fits it better, but other than that I like it.

  4. cats1creations says

    We Have these around the house when we just feel like something delicious we make ake in a Cup Ni Mess No fuss

  5. Sounds yummy, I’m definately going to try for the next quick gift I need!

  6. Mmmm…… Tasty!
    Lovein’ the ideas, keep them coming! Zoe xx (age 11)

  7. This tastes GREAT! nice gift for a college student or senior citzen as makes
    cake for one

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