Mason Jar Craft: Pumpkin Candy Jars

Mason Jar Craft: Pumpkin Candy Jars

Make cute and spooky candy jars by recycling old candlesticks and mason jars!

What you need

Mason Jar with lid, candle stick stands, sharpie, orange paint, gloss paint, drawer knobs or finials, black spray paint, super glue


1. Plan out the jar by choosing a candlestick and finial that will fit the jar.

pumpkin mason jars (5)

2. Spray paint the jar lid, candlestick, and finial in any Halloween-themed color.

pumpkin mason jars (6) pumpkin mason jars (7)

3. Mix together equal parts clear gloss varnish and orange acrylic paint and pour into the mason jar. Swirl around to coat the entire inside of the jar. Pour out excess paint and let dry.

pumpkin mason jars (8) pumpkin mason jars (9)

4. Use a permanent marker to draw your best jack-o-lantern face on the jar.

pumpkin mason jars (11)

5. Use super glue to adhere the finial, jar, and candlestick all together when all of the painted pieces are dry. Let dry completely, then fill with candy and treats!

pumpkin mason jars (12)


pumpkin mason jars (3)

All done!


  1. Elsa Villamil says

    I. Im from Mexico City and I love Halloween, and I think hes craft is amazing! I think I’ll make it.

  2. I think it’s cute but I wouldn’t put candy in them either. If you use the big mason jar you could put them on your porch or if you have a nice ledge and put a candle lite in it no need for fire and flame. Even if you don’t have the candlestick just decorating the jar and use as a centerpiece on a table or on the mantle.

  3. The facial features on the jack-o-lantern jars, do not look like they were drawn on the outside of the jars (as per instructions). The black features look very clearly to have been made on the inside of the glass & the orange paint added after the features were drawn. If they were drawn on the outside of the jar, the light hitting the jar would look different when it hit the black/sharpie/feature areas. As it is the light shines without any variation over the area where the orange paint is applied & where the black features are applied. Also the jars look as if the thickness of the glass is clearly outside the black features & the orange painted interiors of the glass jars.

  4. I think these are adorable but do not think they will be safe to put open candies in them tho.

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