Make A Rustic 4th Of July Wreath

Make A Rustic 4th Of July Wreath

With the help of some dry vines, some cardstock, scissors, glue and burlap fabric, you can make a 4th of July inspired wreath in no time!

What you need

Dry vines, Cardstock- blue and red, Scissors, Glue, Burlap fabric.


step (1)

Step-1: Take a piece of cardstock and cut it into a 6 point flower pattern. Cut out any one petal (point) and glue the sides of the 1st and the 5th petal along their sides.

step (2)

Step-2: Also cut a round spiral out of another cardstock (same color). Roll the spiral cardstock towards the center and apply glue on the center.

step (3)

Step-3: Now glue the rolled flower piece on the center of the petaled flower. It look quite like a gardenia. Add a bead on the center of the flower as well.

step (2)

Step-4: Prepare a few more items for the wreath. Such as, take off some threads from the burlap, some red and blue wooden beads, burlap strip and so on.

step (3)

Step-5: Start gluing the items on the wreath. Decorate any one side and 2/3 of the wreath. Make sure to arrange and glue the items neatly. Allow the glue to dry and the wreath will be ready.

All done!


  1. 🙂 cool

  2. I like it and looks easy.

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