Make Colorful Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Make Colorful Beaded Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments can be made using only a few supplies. All you need is some colorful seed beads, craft wire and pliers, and you're good to go.

What you need

To make these ornaments you will need:
1) Craft wire – 18 gauge and 22 gauge.
2) Colorful seed beads,
3) Craft pliers,
Paper and pencil.



Step-1: Draw a star pattern on a paper. Take the 18 gauge craft wire and make small loop on the side as shown in the picture of this step.

star (5)



Step-2: Keep 1 cm of the wire straight below the loop and then bend the wire. Place the wire on the pattern and trace the wire along the pattern. Bend the wire neatly after reaching each bending parts of the star’s points.

star (6)

Step-3: When you’ll reach the loop again, cut off wire from the bundle by keeping 2-3 inches extra. Coil the remaining wire around the extra 1 cm part of the loop.

star (8)

Step-4: Now take the 22 gauge craft wire. Cut off 12 inches of this wire. We’ll take more if needed later. Coil the wire tightly around any one bars of the star. Insert beads (colorful seed beads) into the wire. Take the wire towards the opposite bar.

star (7)

Step-5: Coil the wire again 2 times on that bar. Insert more seed beads and again take the wire to any bar opposite to it. Coil the wire around the bar every time you change the direction. Try to fill the star as neatly as possible. This might take a while.

star (4)

Step-6: When you will be done beading the star, coil the remaining wire around a bar and then cut off extra wire if needed. You can make other patterns as well. i also made a Christmas tree pattern. Enjoy!


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