Santa’s Belly & Belt Candle

Santa’s Belly & Belt Candle

This free Christmas craft project shows you how to make a candle that looks like Santa's belly.

What you need

1 Large red pillar candle
Black felt or black 1.5 inch wide ribbon.
Grey felt or metal buckle.
Craft Glue


Take a ready made store bought red pillar candle and remove any packaging.

Measure around the candle to find it’s width/diameter and then add 3 inches. Our candle was 8 inches so we cut our black felt or ribbon to a length of 11 inches. This extra length allows you to wrap the belt around the candle like a real belt through the buckle.

If you are using felt then cut the length so it is around 1.5 inch wide.

At one end of the felt or ribbon belt cut the corners off to form a nice finish at the belt end as shown in the photo. (this is optional).

Cut out a felt buckle by cutting a large rectangle or square and cutting out the middle as shown in the picture. If you have a spare brass buckle from an old belt that would look great too. Wrap your felt belt around the candle so they your belt end is just off to the side at the front.

Wrap it around the candle and secure it with glue by placing some glue on the overlapping ends.

Finish up by gluing your felt buckle into place on the front and in the middle as shown.

Remember this candle is decorative only. You will need to remove Santa’s belt before burning the candle.


  1. so cute and easy plus it will get a good laugh

  2. Cute My mom would love it for Christmas. Thanks

  3. so cute so clever so easy thx

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