Make Accordion Fold Paper Pumpkin

Make Accordion Fold Paper Pumpkin

Want to make this cute paper pumpkin? Follow this origami tutorial and make one in no time!

What you need

1. Craft paper – orange,
2. Pencil and ruler,
3. Scissors,
4. Glue.


fringe pumpkin (1)

Step-1: take an A4 sized paper and draw lines along the longer side of the paper. You will need to draw 5 lines, all of them of same length but different width. The measurements are, 1 strip- 3.5 cm, 2 strips- 3 cm and 2 strips- 2.5 cm. Cut them out neatly with scissors. Now accordion fold all the strips neatly.

fringe pumpkin (3)

Step-2: Take any 1 folded strip. Apply glue on any one side of the folded strip and stick it with the other side. Similarly glue the sides of the 4 other folded strips. Now we have a accordion folded roll.

fringe pumpkin (2)

Step-3: Press the top side of the folded roll and flatten it. You will have to cut 2 round pieces and make a hole in the center of them for each of these flattened rolls. Glue the round pieces on the center of the flattened folded roll, on both sides, so that it stays flat. Do same for the rest except for any 1 of the small ones (2.5 cm).

fringe pumpkin (5)

Step-4: For one small one (2.5 cm) you will need need one round piece with hole and one round piece without hole. Flatten it and similarly glue the round piece on both sides of the folded roll.

fringe pumpkin (6)

Step-5: Glue all 5 accordion folded rolls one by one. First the small one, we made in step 4. And then a medium one. Then the large, medium and small one respectively. Allow the glue to dry.

fringe pumpkin (8)

Step-6: Make a paper wicker using green craft paper. Insert the wicker into the center of the joint folded rolls and push it all the way to the bottom. Roll the extra part to create a twirly pattern. You may add leaves to make it look more attractive. Enjoy!


  1. They look cute but they are far too fiddly and time consuming to make with kids, especially the flattening and sticking on the double circles

  2. This is so cute. I’m going to make a few. Think I’ll try making it a little bigger. I can’t wait to get my orange paper. Thanks for the tutorial.

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