Picnic Pillows – Insect Repellent

Picnic Pillows – Insect Repellent

Leaning on the cushion will crush the lavender flowers releasing an aromatic insect repellent. Great for outdoor settings, picnic cushions or for hot summer nights inside when the doors are open.

What you need

Store-bought Cushion Cover
Cushion insert
1 cup of Dried lavender
10 drops of Peppermint oil
10 drops of Spearmint oil


Take your cushion insert and on either side in the center make a small cut.

Place half a cup of lavender into each side and either sew closed or glue closed.

Then place drops of each oil randomly over the insert making sure you cover both sides.

Place the insert into the cushion cover and its ready to use.

To refresh this pillow remove the insert and add more oils.



  2. The finished product sounds great but I don’t understand the instructions. I wonder if you could submit a drawing showing what you mean by a cushion insert and showing where to cut the holes.

  3. I really like this idea. =) I don’t expect an answer really, but how well does the pillow work? I think this is genius!!!!

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