Love Bug

Love Bug

Have a nice decor to decorate for Valentine's day using egg cartons.

What you need

* Egg Carton
* Pink or Red Paint or Watercolor
* Paintbrush
* Black Marker
* Pipe Cleaners
* Scissors


1. Cut a few portions of egg cartons and set aside.

2. Paint it with a pink or red paint.

3. Put two holes on the top part of the bug.

4. Insert two any color of pipe cleaners in the hole.

5. Draw eyes and other parts of your love bug with a marker.

All done!


  1. wish there was a picture…

  2. its nice, but no picture?i wish there was picture

  3. doesn’t sound like a very cool project maybe for a 2nd grader but not for a teenager or and adult

  4. aw… it sounds so cute!!!

  5. Great_Girl19 says

    I wish there was a picture

  6. i think it will be very nice


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