Balloon Mod-Podge To Halloween Candy Bowl

Balloon Mod-Podge To Halloween Candy Bowl

Lets recycle some old newspapers, and of course, balloons, into a fun Halloween bowl! With the help of this tutorial you can make these eco-friendly bowls in a fun way to hold your candy.

What you need

Old newspapers, white glue, brush, tray, balloon.


bowl supplies

Step-1: You can use scrap paper but it’s better to use old newspaper. Tear the newspaper into small pieces, around 2-3 inch pieces. On a small tray or bowl mix 50:50 amount of white glue and water. Mix the glue-water really well.

bowl balloon

Step-2: Blow up a round balloon into the size required for the bowl. Place the balloon on a bowl so that it stays still.

bowl mache

Step-3: Apply glue on the teared papers and glue them on the balloon. Cover half of the balloon with the paper evenly. Add 2-3 layers of paper so that the bowl turns our sturdy. Keep the balloon in a dry place for the next 24 hours and allow the glue to dry completely.

bowl pop

Step-4: It will a day for the bowl to dry completely. Before popping tha balloon release the paper mache from the balloon by pushing the balloon and releasing it from the paper. Use a needle to pop the balloon carefully.

bowl done

Step-5: This is how the bowl will look after popping the balloon.

bowl design

Step-6: Now simply paint the bowl as you like. I used orange poster color to paint the bowl and black poster color to draw a pumpkin face on it. You can add any design you want. Enjoy!


  1. cute

  2. how did you make the bottom of it flat?

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