Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Flowers

This tutorial shows you how to make flowers using egg cartons, suitable for all ages, and a fun gift idea too.

What you need


5 Flex Straws

2 Paper Egg Cartons

Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Paint Brush

Green Paint

Black Paint

Yellow Paint

White Paint (optional only needed if you want to lighten the color of your paints)


Step 1: Start by cutting the center-raised areas out of the egg carton. There should be 5 in each carton.

Step 2: In the corner grove of each of those pieces cut it with the scissors. It should look something like a windmill when cut.

Step 3: Now trim each of those so they are rounded so they look more like flower petals and not a windmill shape.

Step 4: On the bottoms of the area that holds the eggs, there should be a little round area. You need to cut out 5 of those.

Step 5: Now the first cut-outs that look like petals, paint the whole thing yellow inside and out, and allow it to dry.

Step 6: Those little circles you cut out, paint those black.

Step 7: Paint all the straws green. You may need to paint one half first and set it up in a cup and allow it to dry. Then paint the other ends and flip them over in the cup.

Step 8: On the flexy end of the straw cut two small slits in the straw.

Step 9: Flap those so the straw is split in half. Push the straw through the hole in the bottom of the yellow petals. If yours do not already have a hole, make one just large enough to push the straw through. Use a dab of hot glue to glue the straw to the petals.

Step 10: Now glue another set of petals over the straw. Make sure you turn it so the petals do not cover the bottom ones.

Step 11: The last step is to glue the black circle into the center of the flower.

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