Leggy Loo Loo Toy

Leggy Loo Loo Toy

This knitted toy is called "Leggy Loo Loo". It is fun to make and will become your child's favorite in no time at all!

What you need

Double worsted (8ply ) wool
size 8 (4 mm) needles
toy filling/wadding
size Approx 11 inch (30 cm)



Cast on 30 sts

St-st 26 Rows

cast off

Legs (make 2)

Cast on 14sts

st-st 42 rows, in either plain or 2 row stripes

Cast off

Shoes (make 2)

Cast on 14sts

K twice into every st (28sts)

st-st 3 rows

change colors, st-st 4 rows

K5 (k2 tog) 8 times, k6

p1 row

K5 (k2 tog) 5 times, k5

st-st 4 Rows

Rib (k1, p1) 6 rows

cast off.

Make up

Stitch the two side seams of the body together. Now stitch the legs into place as you stitch across the top.

Sew up the shows and stuff with wadding. stitch the shoes onto the legs, just below the rub section and turn the rib section over to create a cuff.

Make 2 chains and tie around the ankles for shoe laces.

Sew a tuft of hair onto the top.

Embroider eyes, nose and mouth with wool strands.

All done!


  1. sooo cute! Can’t wait to try it

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