Create Colorful Yarn Wrapped Eggs

Create Colorful Yarn Wrapped Eggs

It's almost Easter! Have you dyed your Easter eggs yet? How about making these colorful yarn wrapped eggs instead! Check out the list of supplies, follow the instructions and give it a try.

What you need

To make these eggs you’ll need:
1. Drained eggs
2. Colorful yarns
3. Craft glue
4. Craft paper
5. Scissors


string egg (1)

Step-1: You can use egg of any size or color since the egg won’t be visible once wrapped entirely. You can also use store bought plastic Easter eggs. In case your using real egg I think it’s better to drain the egg. Make a small hole on the egg with anything sharp, drain the egg entirely and wash  the inside of the egg carefully.  After the egg dries take a small piece of paper, glue the area around the hole on the egg and stick the small paper on it to cover the hole.

string egg (2)

Step-2: Before getting started select 5-6 colored yarns for the egg. Keep a nice color pattern for the egg. Start from any one side. Apply some craft glue on the egg, I started from the top. Take a yarn’s end without cutting it from the bundle. Start to wrap the yarn from the outer edge and wrap your way towards the center of the wrap. After reaching the center apply a drop of glue on the center, cut off extra yarn and press the end of the yarn on the glue.

string egg (3)

Step-3: Take a different colored yarn and apply a small amount of glue below  the first layer. Wrap the yarn and change color once you’re satisfied with the color. Remember to apply enough glue to wrap one color. Do not apply glue on the whole egg at once. Keep doing the same until you reach the other end of the egg.

Done! Use different colors to make more fun patterns. Enjoy!


  1. I have done this craft when I was teaching CDC. I had each child make a woven paper basket and then using Styrofoam eggs I had them make one egg for each member of their family. I used bits of colored yarn from my crocheting days,

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