Lavender “Got To Sleep” Soap

Lavender “Got To Sleep” Soap

Make the Lavender Ice Soap which is a great gift idea as well!

What you need

4 oz. translucent melt & pour soap base
Tiny amount of purple coloring
12 – 15 drops Lavender Essential Oil 

Two 2-oz. square plastic molds or other soap molds


This project uses the Melt & Pour Method to of soap making.

1. Slice 2 oz. of the  soap and put in a small double boiler-just glass measuring cup and a small saucepan.

2. Pour into a small mold, spraying away any bubbles with alcohol or witch hazel.

3. Freeze for about 15 minutes.

4. Once hardened, cut out some discs with a paring knife [using it like a compass]. The discs should be about the size of a quarter or a nickel. Place in mold and return to freezer.

5. The remaining 2 oz. should be cut up and melted. Add the purple coloring, followed by the lavender essential oil.

6. Pour into the mold with the discs.

7. Refrigerate or freeze until soap is hard.

8. Remove soap from mold.

9. Allow the soap has reach room temperature.

10. Wrap in cling wrap.

11. Label.

This Project was contributed by Lisa Maliga


  1. Question- Where could I find soap bases?

  2. i have been looking for a simple soap recipe to try.Wow! This is great. Lots of ideas come to mind for flavors. Thanks so much for this one. HUGS,Judy

  3. Last time I checked 36 oz= 2 pounds,4 ounces(1 pound=16 ounces), so now the instructions are very confusing.

  4. Sounds Lovely.. Will add it to my todo list

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