Lavender & Honey Soap

Lavender & Honey Soap

Combine lavender and honey to make this great gift idea for a friend who loves the natural things!

What you need

4 oz. Melt and pour soap or soap flakes
1 Tbs of beeswax
1 Tbs of honey
10 drops of Lavender essential oil
Purple dye (optional)


Melt your beeswax down using a double boiler method.

Melt your soap down and add the melted beeswax and honey. Keep stirring until completely mixed and add your lavender oil. Pour into your soap molds.

You can use pure soap bars grated down from your supermarket instead of the Melt and Pour Soap base.  or buy soap flakes from your health food store.


  1. Lovely idea, sounds almost good enough to eat! xx

  2. “Is honey okay to use in soaps or does it make the soap mold?”

    Actually because honey has already been digested (by the bees) it is one of the only foods that will never rot/go bad/spoil/mold! Pretty amazing stuff

  3. All the recipes sound absoloutley delightful
    The website is great for kids to adults

  4. Is honey okay to use in soaps or does it make the soap mold?

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