Knitting Needle Conversion Chart

Knitting Needle Conversion Chart

One aspect of knitting that can be confusing is the sizing of knitting needles. There are several different sizing systems used around the world, including metric, US, and UK sizing. To help clarify this topic, we have created a detailed infographic that compares the various sizing systems side-by-side.

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Knitting Needle Conversion Chart – see below.


The infographic breaks down the different sizing systems used in various countries, including the metric system used in Europe, the UK sizing system, and the US sizing system. The infographic shows the range of sizes available in each system, as well as how the sizing corresponds between the systems.

One of the key differences between the sizing systems is the units of measurement used. The metric system uses millimeters to measure the diameter of the needle shaft, while the UK system uses millimeters for smaller needles and a numbered system for larger needles.

Another difference is the range of sizes available in each system. The metric system offers a wider range of sizes than either the UK or US systems, with needles as small as 1.5 mm and as large as 25 mm. The UK system offers a range of sizes from 2 mm to 25 mm, while the US system offers a range from 0 (2 mm) to 50 (25 mm).

The infographic also includes a handy conversion chart, which allows knitters to easily convert between the different sizing systems. For example, a US size 8 needle is equivalent to a UK size 6 and a 5 mm needle in the metric system. This can be especially helpful for knitters who are following patterns from other countries.

Understanding the different sizing systems for knitting needles can be a challenge, but it is an important part of the knitting process. By using the information provided in our infographic, knitters can easily navigate the various sizing systems and select the right needles for their project. Whether you prefer the precision of the metric system, the simplicity of the UK system, or the lettering system of the US, there is a sizing system that will work for you.

Knitting Needle Conversion Chart

Metric — UK — American

2.00 — 14 — 0

2.25 — 13 — 1

2.75 — 12 — 2

3.00 — 11– n/a

3.25 — 10 — 3

3.50 — n/a — 4

3.75 — 9 — 5

4.00 — 8 — 6

4.25 — n/a — 6

4.50 — 7 — 7

5.00 — 6 — 8

5.25 — n/a — n/a

5.50 — 5 — 9

5.75 — n/a — n/a

6.00 — 4 — 10

6.50 — 3 — 10 1/2

7.00 — 2 — n/a

7.50 — 1 — n/a

8.00 — 0 — 11

9.00 — 00 — 13

10.00 — 000 — 15


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  4. I find the conversion chart very good but would you be able to give me the conversion for 1.25 US please

  5. The needle chart is very helpful! Thanks!

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  7. This chart only goes to size 15 US.

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