Knitted Silver Cape

Knitted Silver Cape

Whether you need a evening cape for that ball or a cape for a mystical setting, fancy dress or perhaps a witches convention then this cape is a wonderful project.

What you need

31 oz. thread in silver.
No. 8 and No. 9 knitting needles (USA: sizes 6 and 5)
One crochet hook International Standard Size 4.00
No 12 Needles (USA size 2)

To fit bust size 32-40 in. length 60 in.

TENSION 11 sts. and 14 rows to 2 in. on No. 9 needle


Abbreviations used in this pattern

y.r.n Yarn Around Needle
St stitch
K. Knit
P. Purl
Rep. Repeat
Ch. Chain
D.c. Double crochet
Alt. Alternate.
Tbl. Through back of loop.
PU. Pick up

MAIN SECTION (make 3 pieces alike)
Beg. at neck and with No. 12 needles
cast on 57 sts. and work 4 rows in
k.1, p.1 rib.
Next row: rib 4, * y.r.n., k.2 tog., rib
2; rep. from * to last 3 sts., rib 3.
Work a further 5 rows in rib.
Next row: work twice into every St.:
114 sts.
Next row: k
Change to No. 9 needles and patt.
1 st row: k.
2nd row: k.
3rd row (right side): k.1, y.r.n.
twice, (k.1, y.r.n. 3 times) 5 times,
* k.6, (k.1, y.r.n. 3 times) 6 times; rep.
from * to end, winding y.r.n. only
twice for last st. of row.
4th row: k., dropping extra loops on
long sts.
5th row: k.
6th row: k.
7th row: k.6 *(k.1, y.r.n. 3 times)
6 times k.6; rep. from * to end.
8th row: as 4th these 8 rows from patt. continue in patt. until work is 30 in.
then change to no 8 needles and cont. until work is 60 inch. from beg. ending with 2 k rows cast off loosely knit wise.

With No. 9 needles cast on 126sts and work in patt. beg with 2 K rows until work is 10inch. ending with 2 k rows.
Cast off tightly knitwise.

Do not press. Join. sides of ribbed neckbands of 3 sections ; with crochet hook join remaining edges of 3 sections sections working d.c through both edges. Work a 2nd row d.c along joining seams to form a ridge fold hood double and join doubled cast on edge to form back seam. Sew side edge of hood to cast on edge ribbed neckband, leaving 1 in. of band free at front edges.

With 4 strands of yarn crochet a CH. 60 in. long and thread through neck holes to make a tie.

Note: This is a Vintage Pattern that has not been recently tested if you find an error or have successfully knit this pattern then please let us know so we can note it down.

There has been some discussion as to if this pattern is complete, this pattern was published in a 1970 magazine and is copied directly from there.


  1. How much yarn is required and type?

  2. It sounds like Granny me could use one of these in a warm, soft yarn, just to keep warm in the house and curl up by the fire, sure sounds easy enough and I love the idea of the length and the hood. I think I may change the pattern a bit so I can knit it by machine. Will let you know how it goes!

    • Vikram Goyal says

      Thanks Donna! We would love to hear how this goes! And if possible, update this project with your picture of the cape 🙂

  3. I too, am a beginner. I taught myself to knit and bet my needles I’m younger than all of you and I know what patt. And ribbing, you know the stripe on your the cuff of y scarf, the v and thesquiggles? Yeah, thats ribing. Its a combo betweem an switching between stockinette and garter .You should get yourself a good knitting book like “kids knitting” or something.

    • Lisa Ogilvie says

      Rather impertinent aren’t we? You are absolutely mistaken in your comment by the way. Stockinette and garter stitch are two entirely different stitch patterns. I suggest you are the one who needs to return to kids books.

  4. i am a beginner knitter and have a question about this pattern. I have the 57 stitches on and have worked the first 4 rows of k1, p1. i am wondering what a rib is? the next row says rib 4 ???? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. what does “patt.” mean?

    • Lisa Ogilvie says

      patt is the abbreviation for pattern

    • Ribbing is just alternating knit and purl stitches. For this pattern, they use a 1×1 rib. This means you alternate after a single knit stitch and do a single purl stitch. You can have any number of ribbing patterns! 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, etc.

  6. I made this in gold yarn and it looks fantastic. Made a change though. I doubled the collar and put some stiff fabric in it so that it stands up a bit and added a hood. Have gotten so many compliments on it that I plan to make some more in different yarns and colors. Thank you so much for the pattern.

    • You wouldn’t have a pattern for a hooded cloak would you? I’m 100% new to this and I’m looking to slowly work on making a Halloween costume. I’m looking for a cloak/cape that is hooded and really only covers the back. I’m having a difficult time finding patterns, any help will be appreciated.

  7. this cloak turn out great i made it along with a friend and with simply soft gray yarn and it worked out great. The only problem is that we now have to make a second because we like it so much…

  8. OMG…I have this exact pattern in a crafting book from the 70’s!

  9. zipknitter says

    The perfect thing to wear to the ball, the opera, or the Star Trek convention.

  10. I used Caron Simply Soft for this project and it is beautiful!

  11. what weight yarn do you use for this project

    • Lisa Ogilvie says

      The pattern actually stipulates 31 oz. of thread, this usually means crochet thread. I used naturally caron country, worsted weight in a merino blend. I used 15 balls and the balls are 185 yds. each. I also made it in one piece, so I didn’t have to do all that sewing.

  12. erikasbuddy says

    Can anyone reccomend a yarn that would work with this pattern? And about how much would be needed?

  13. Absolutely Stunning!! Thanks 4 the pattern!

  14. Does anyone have a suggestion on what yarn to use on this cape? Possibly something I could pick up at Micheals or Wally World?

  15. I think this a great project for people to chalenge themselves with. I love this project!!!

  16. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    This pattern has been updated it is now believed to be accurate!! Missing Cast on stitches have been added.

  17. I absolutely love this cape,I have to make this one,thanks so much its just what I’ve been looking for. Keep up the great work, this is a great site, sent it to my ex-sister-in law who loves it too, now I have to send it to Mom

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