Kids Fun Poppit Soap

Kids Fun Poppit Soap

This tutorial shows you a fun version of making soap using fidget Poppit toys embedded into the soap

What you need

Basic Soap Making Tutorial

Mini poppit toys



This soap-making idea was shared by Melanie McDaniel Reyes. Thanks for sharing your images Melanie, we loved it!

These soaps would make wonderful party favors for your kid’s birthdays.  You could make these with simple melt and pour or cold process depending on your soap making skills.   If you are making soap for the first time check out some of these articles and recipes  Basic Soap Making Tutorial


She took mini Poppit toys and embedded them into her DIY homemade soap loaf.  You can use any of your own soap-making recipes to recreate this idea.

The soap loaf works well as it allows you to add the poppit toys protruding out the top.  How amazing does this soap look once the loaf is set and each soap has been cut into slices?





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