Kids Craft – Maple Seed Dragonfly

Kids Craft – Maple Seed Dragonfly

This nature-inspired kids craft shows you how to turn a maple seed into a dragonfly.

What you need

Glue gun
Floral Wire
Bamboo skewer or floral wood pick
Craft acrylic paint
Small “Y” shaped stick
4 Maple Tree seeds (2 Large & 2 Small)
Craft paint brushes



1. Place glue on the flat end tip of the bamboo skewer or floral pick, and attach
the “Y” shaped stick on top, towards the center of the “Y” stick.

2. Glue large maple seed wings to “Y” stick, with curved side down, on opposite sides.

3. Glue small maple seed wings to “Y” stick, with curved side up, on opposite sides.
4. Attach “Y” stick to bamboo skewer or floral pick with a small piece of floral wire.
(This helps keep it more secure than just the glue)
5. Paint the wings and body of the dragonfly with any colors or designs you like, and


Tip: Pick the freshest seeds that have fallen most recently, as they are thicker, and
easier to paint.

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