Kiddy Aquarium

Kiddy Aquarium

Collect simply sea items and put them in an empty bottle to create an aquarium for the kids.

What you need

Empty bottle
Pebbles of different shapes and colors that go into
the jar
Shells, colored beads etc
Plastic flower and leaves
A fish that floats (can be made from a piece of felt)


Put everything into the bottle in sequence. Use the back of a paint brush to push in the flower and leaves and keep them in position.

When sealing the bottle, use little bit of glue so that the cap is tight and water does not spill out.

Children can do this. They could collect the required things. It can be used to decorate children’s bath or give as a gift to their friends.

This project was submitted by Rani


  1. Very creative 8-))

  2. What a cute idea. The little ones will really like this and they will feel like they really have a pet. You can probably make fish out oh the foam meat trays.

  3. So cute. Kids would love this one. You could also do something that looked more adult oriented to with this. 🙂

  4. Attractive…

  5. Very Creative

  6. pretty:)

  7. Imade this for my friends birthday, and I think that she will love it, but I used a nemo figurine.

  8. um…….water
    omg i loved this
    an air of kiddishy likeness but soo hot

  9. Cute idea. Would make a cute gift if you emptied the shampoo, put everything inside and refilled with the shampoo as much as possible. My kids loved the soaps that had light-up starfish inside for Christmas so they’d love this as well.

  10. What kind of liquid do you put in it?

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