Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey

These hand print turkeys are an easy craft for your kids to make for Thanksgiving. They are easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to help make, but even older children will enjoy tracing around their hands to make this fun turkey craft.

What you need

Brown felt
Colorful craft feathers
Google eye
Red pipe cleaner
Black permanent marker
Rubber cement or craft glue


We chose to make our turkeys out of brown felt. This is just one of many options, you could also use brown craft foam or brown construction paper.

First, use the black permanent marker to trace around your child’s hand on the brown felt. Next cut out the hand tracing. For younger children, you will have to do these steps for them.

Next turn over the piece of the felt so any permanent marker markings are on the backside of the felt.

The thumb of the handprint will be the turkey’s neck and head, so have your child use a little glue to attach a google eye where the eye should go.

Cut a small piece of red pipe cleaner for the turkey’s beak, approximately 1/2 inch long. Fold the cut piece in half and have your child glue it beneath the turkey’s eye.

Next have your child brush some glue on each of the other fingers, and then have him press down one feather on each finger.

That’s it! A quick, easy Thanksgiving craft that will be sure to please your child. It’s also a great way to preserve your child’s small, adorable hand that will be bigger next year.

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