No Sew Retro Tote

No Sew Retro Tote

This Retro LP Record Album Tote has been made using a recycled tote. This is not only good for the environment but it also means you can avoid sewing which makes it a perfect "No Sew" project for kids.

What you need

2x Retro LP Record Album Covers
Recycled Advertising Tote Bag (with gusset)
Hot glue gun or Craft Glue
Spray Varnish


Use a gusseted tote, so that your album will sit nicely and fold flat for easy storage in you car, locker or office draw.

My recycled advertising tote is slightly larger than the average LP Record Album cover which actually worked out quite perfect. But your tote can be smaller, just cut down your album to suit the size of your tote. You will also need to split your album open so that you are working with a single card layer, such as only the front piece or back etc. Otherwise your tote will be too heavy.

Simple Recycled Tote Vintage LP Cover Finished LP Cover Tote

Start by ironing your recycled tote flat. If it has writing on it make sure to iron it inside out or with a towel over the top to stop the print from melting onto your iron.

Once your tote is flat place a piece of cardboard or a stack of newspaper inside and fold the recycled tote flat so you can work one side at a time. The newspaper or card will prevent the glue going through both layers of the tote.

To protect old covers give it a spray with a clear spray varnish. This will make the Record Album cover a little more durable but it is totally optional.

Using hot glue or craft glue carefully place the glue onto the backside of your album cover. Make sure you get the glue right to the edges.

Place the album down onto the tote and weight it down with some heavy books to make sure it adheres well to the tote.

Once it is dried do that same thing for the other side of the tote.

You can embellish your tote with badges, sequins, ribbons etc or just leave “al retro chic” as we have done.


  1. great project maybe you can have one of your favorite album covers photo copied and then put on the bag. narelle

  2. I just love this idea! Though my only problem is that I can’t find any LPS without the vinyl record and I don’t want to ruin the record as I do have a record player and love to listen to them from time to time… I shall figure a way around that šŸ˜€

  3. cute tote! nd KatyPerry isnt reely katy perry but u probs new that

  4. This is probably the easiest instructions i’ve found. I will definetley try your instuctions!

  5. Ima use one of my cds pics and blow it up!!love it!!

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