DIY Boho Tassel Wall Hanging

DIY Boho Tassel Wall Hanging

This tutorial shows you how to take yarn and turn it into a boho wall hanging

What you need

Yarn – any colour of your choice

Tapestry needle

Dry twig

Cardboard or any hard material will do




Start (step 1)

Decide the size of the tassel and cut out a piece of hardboard of that size (length). Wrap the yarn around the cardboard piece as long as it takes to reach the required volume for the tassel

Step 2

Use a small piece of yarn strand to tie a knot around the wrapped yarn on either end of the cardboard. Carefully take out the tied yarn loops from the cardboard piece.

Step 3

Wrap the tied small yarn around the yarn loops as tightly as possible. Keep the width of the tightly wrapped yarn about a cm.

Step – 4:

Cut the opposite closed ends of the yarn loops. Also, attach a long piece of yarn with the closed end. This yarn will be used to attach the tassel with the twig.

Step – 5:

Similarly, prepare more yarn tassels.

Step – 6: Final image

Attach the open end of the attached yarn strand with the twig to attach the tassel with the twig. You can attach the tassels with the twig randomly (random length) or you can keep a sequence like I did.

Once you are done attaching the tassels with the twig, attach a hanging mechanism to complete the yarn tassel wall hanging.


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