Embossed Eggs Will Wow Your Easter Party

Embossed Eggs Will Wow Your Easter Party

Make these gorgeous gold embossed eggs for this easter. Follow the tutorial and find out how to make them.

What you need

To make these embossed eggs you’ll need:
1. Eggs
2. Black acrylic paint
3. Golden fabric paint
4. Paint brush
5. White glue tube


Make a small hole to drain the egg and clean the inside of it.  After the egg dries take a small piece of paper, glue the area around the tiny hole on the egg and stick the small paper on it for covering the hole.

Use black acrylic paint for the base coat of the egg. One layer of base coat should work. You’ll have to color the base coat carefully as you won’t be able to color the whole egg at once. Color half of the egg at first and after it dries, color the other half of the egg. Allow the color to dry.
Prepare white glue cone or use white glue tube. Before designing the egg it’s better to draw some designs on a piece of paper. If you’re not used to making designs using cone, then you should practice a little. Make sure that you’re ready to start designing! Carefully  and slowly press the bottom of the cone and start designing the egg as you want. Too much details might smudge the whole design, so be careful. You won’t be able to design the whole egg at once. Design half of it at first, allow the glue to dry and then design the rest.

Once you’re done designing, allow the white glue to dry. This is how the egg will look like after the glue dries.

After the white glue dries you can apply the final gold coat using finger tip. Drop a small amount of gold fabric paint on your finger tip and apply it over the designed egg. After the first coat dries apply another coat of gold fabric paint evenly on the designed egg. Be careful while applying the gold paint coat, too much color might smudge the design.

Done! Don’t they look… precious! Check out my blog for more craft ideas by me: The Craftaholic Witch

What you need

Cupcake stand
Easter eggs to fit your stand
Easter Grass or shredded paper
Easter picks or small ornaments for topper


This Easter craft project shows you how to make an Easter egg table centerpiece for your next Easter Dinner using a cupcake tier, stand or tower. The Easter eggs can then be given out as Easter Egg table gifts.

Start by taking your Cupcake stand  and working out how many eggs you will need to fit onto your stand. We used large eggs, but you could also use small eggs especially if you were using a  mini cupcake stand.

Place the grass into the cupcake holders and pop your egg into place. Finish off with a beautiful ribbon and some Easter picks or decorations to go onto the top.

This is a great way to use your cupcake stand for something a little different.



  1. Find someone who knows how to make pysanky and learn how to use a kistka and wax. It is dry almost as soon as it is on the surface, so no need to worry about smearing the design. Painting could be done almost immediately.

  2. lov it.Could you use a glue gun instead of white glue?

  3. Very nice. It’s nice to see a craft that’s more adult-oriented than for children.

  4. Really impressive with clear directions; great for kids or adults. My favorite. Thanks

  5. Can this also be done with Plastic eggs ?

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