Jellybean Jar

Jellybean Jar

First don't eat the Jellybeans you will need them for the project. The amount of Jellybeans you will needs depends on how big you jar lid is and how many you eat.

What you need

Craft Glue or Hot Melt Glue
Glass Jar with lid
Clear Varnish


Start by cleaning your jar lid surface of any dirt. You may want to paint this lid if the color in undesirable.

Start by gluing one jelly bean in the middle and work your way to the outsides of the jar. Make sure they are stuck firmly. You should now have one full layer of Jellybeans flat on your jar lid.

Once the glue has dried give this section a light coat of the varnish. This will prevent anything getting in later and eating the sugar off the beans. (we have to make it bug proof).

Before the varnish dries completely start sticking the next layers of Jellybeans on. The wet varnish will help to adhere the beans. You want to lay them out so that every layer will be slightly in from the last to give a overall peak effect. The Jellybeans should look like they are mounded up upon the jar lid.

Once you have completed each layer to your desired height allow it to dry. Begin coating all the Jellybeans with the varnish to seal it all up.
A couple of coats of varnish should be plenty. Just make sure all the Jellybeans are coated.

Once it is all dry, screw the lid back onto the jar. You may want to place some ribbons around the rim of the lid to finish it off.

Now you can look at Jellybeans all day and not be tempted to eat them.


  1. Sue Wright says

    I used a hot glue gun to stick jelly beans to clean jar lid and they looked great. I allowed the to set for 24 hours, then applied a water based clear varnish with one of my Folke Art brushes. Unfortunately the jelly beans turned sugary when the varnish was applied. So I have managed to remove them and clean up the jar lid and now wish to try again. What glue type did you use? What kind of varnish did you use – water based craft varnish or polyurethane water based craft varnish? Or did you use spray on acrylic varnish? I look forward to your advice. Regards Sue

  2. MorganHaviland says

    omj !! i loved this idea since i saw it !! What kind of glue shuuld i use to stop pooling at the bottom of the lid … its good but you really need more information because this is hard to do without that much help !

  3. That is so creative!
    although, there are the set backs like the colour of the jelly beans running, but I think it is genius <3

  4. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    You could seal the jelly beans first, with a spray of light varnish or a craft sealer. You can also coat the jelly beans in PVA white craft glue to seal them. I would suggest doing this before gluing them to avoid any pooling on the lid.

  5. Hello, when I tried this, the varnish caused the jellybean coloring to run and pool at the bottom of the lid. Any suggestions?

  6. CuteBunny116 says


  7. When I saw the jelly bean jar, it reminded me of the jelly bean prayjar or the jelly bean vitamin jar.

  8. the idea is good and would be a good treat jar in a nursery or primary school to have for good behaviour

  9. This is such a good idea! I can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  10. I wonder if you could do the same type of project with different items? I’m thinking a dog treat holder w/varnished milkbones on top. I bet the options are endless.

  11. brilliant! I don’t know where you people get the ideas!!! there are always these cranky people that don’t like the crafts… whatever… I didn’t see one that I didn’t like… I’m 13, by the way

  12. I think it’s cute and it’s a decorative jar. It would be cute to store candy in.

  13. what is it ?

  14. Varnish can be found in all craft stores and hardware stores. The Jelly beans will not attract vermen as they are protected by the varnish.

  15. this a gd idea but the pic should be bigger where can you find varnish?

  16. Cute! the only problem with it is that you have to use perfectly good “eating” jellybeans for it!

  17. need bigger picture,but it’s cute!

  18. This is SO CUTE! I love jellybeans and get them by the HUGE bag. This idea is perfect for me, will put a day’s supply of JB’s in jar, when empty-time to go to bed so can eat more t’morrow! haha! THANK YOU!

  19. cute!

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