Invitation Scroll

Invitation Scroll

This scroll can be used for a wedding or party invitation. The creativity and quality of products used can be extended for more formal invitations. Use fine linen decorative ends for the dowelling or exotic trims.

What you need

Wooden Dowling
Plain fabric
T-shirt transfer paper
Sewing accessories
wooden/plastic beads
(Access to computer, color/bw printer
and optional scanner)


Create an invitation in a Word document (or similar application).

For a personal effect, include scanned photos relevant to the occasion.

Depending on the size of the invitation, two could fit on to one sheet of transfer paper. Reverse the image to create the transfer.

Your transfer paper should come with it’s own direction on how to use the paper if you have not used it before.

Cut the material into pieces slightly larger than the invitations and hem around the side edges.

Sew the top & bottom hems wide enough to slide the length of dowelling through to create a “scroll type” invitation.

Glue tassels on each end of the dowelling ends.

Looking for another fun way to give an invitation? Check out these Party invitations that are made using a puzzle template, the invitee has to put the invitation together like a puzzle. Check out these party invitations you can buy on Amazon

All done!


  1. How would you send these invites im having a princess theme and these would be perfect x

  2. It would be nice to see a picture of a finished example. sounds like a lovely idea but the picture would be useful.

  3. i think this is original

  4. Don’t understand. NEED PICS!!!!!

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