How to make a Spoon Necklace

How to make a Spoon Necklace

This recycled spoon necklace is made using 4 spoons and Sugru. Sugru is a great new air curing clay like matter that allows for so much creativity.

What you need

Sugru –
4 vintage spoons
4 studs
1 yard of green leather cord
1 yard of green rhinestones


If you haven’t used Sugru before then check it out here. It’s amazingly versatile as it cures in the air and remains flexible.

We created this Green with Envy of the silver spoon necklace using the Sugru product that was provided to us.

You can polish your spoons if you like, but I wanted to keep them vintage and old.

Start by cutting the top handles off the spoons; you need to leave the spoon length so it can hang. You will need one stud and one small ball of Sugru for each spoon.


Lay out your green cord and press each ball of clay into the stud, then onto the cord. Then add another ball over the top. See photos for example.


You need to do this for all 4 of the spoons until they are all hanging on to the cord.





Create a thin long sausage to wrap around each rhinestone for a bubble effect.


Next using the rhinestones, cut 4 individual ones off the length and again using a small ball of sugru or glue attach to the spoon as shown below.



Next using a ball of sugru and 8 rhinestones for each strand, create a set of three drops as shown below.


To finish off our Green With Envy of the silver spoon we added a rhinestone layer half way up the necklace.

Allow to dry overnight before wearing.




  1. Terrible idea. And it sure doesn’t look like it’ll hold up very well. I think it’s awful idea all the way around…

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