How to Face Paint a Butterfly: 3 simple steps

How to Face Paint a Butterfly: 3 simple steps

Learn to face paint a small butterfly in 3 simple steps!

What you need

* Face Paint – Pink and Black
(Make sure the face paint is FDA approved)

* Two small painting brushes.
(With bristles that don’t scratch the skin.)

* A cup of water (to clean and moisten brushes)

* A model 🙂


Step 1: Take a small brush and use some pink to paint four small wings on the models cheek.

Face Paint Butterfly -Step 1

Step 2: Then take another brush to paint a black outline of the wings and a line down the middle for a body.

Face Paint Butterfly -Step 2

Step 3: Paint the antennas on the butterfly’s head, and you’re all set!

Face Paint Butterfly

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  1. **** simple and cute just what i was lukin 4

  2. It’s really easy and you can add glitter,etc… to give it a diffrent lok

  3. It is just what i was lookin for- simple and easy.

  4. great project:-) easy and fun to do aswell.

  5. Me and my family are just thrilled with this site we just started face painting for fun at home and love the new ideas.

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