DIY Cardmaking – It’s a baby girl card

DIY Cardmaking – It’s a baby girl card

DIY a baby girl's arrival with this cute card.

What you need

5 x 7 white folded greeting card with envelope
5 x 7 pink polka dotted paper
Pink rhinestones
Craft stick glue
3D foam dots
Cardboard flowers
4 strips of pink ribbon
2.5 by 1.5 white paper
“It’s a baby girl” embellishment


To begin, start gluing the pink polka dotted paper onto the card. Next, glue all four strips of the pink ribbon all around the white piece of paper.

Once you have done that, place your baby girl embellishment right in the center of your white paper.

On the back of your white paper, place 2 3D foam dots, to create a 3 dimensional look.

Place this right in the center of your card.

Now, glue your cardboard flowers on two sides of the white paper, just as shown.

And last, place your pink rhinestones wherever desired on the pink polka dotted paper.


  1. Lovely Card !

  2. Awesome! Great job:)

  3. thanks for the idea

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