Hot Water Bottle Cover – Patches

Hot Water Bottle Cover – Patches

Knit this hot water bottle cover with patches on it.

What you need

3 oz (85 g) double knitting yarn in main shade
2 oz (85 g) in contrast color
1 Pair No. 6 (4.25 mm) knitting needles
2 Press studs



9.5 inch by 13 inch approx (24 cm x 33 cm)


4.5 sts. to 1 inch (2.5 cm)

Note. Use yarn double throughout.

FRONT AND BACK (make 2 pieces alike)

With 2 strands M., cast on 44 sts. and work 3 rows in k.1, p.1 rib.

Next row: k.22; turn.
Work 5.5 inches. in (1 row k., 1 row p.) on these sts. only, ending with a p. row.

Join C. and work 5.5 in. in Leave sts. on stitch holder. Rejoin C. to remaining 22 sts. Work 5.5 in. in on these sts., then join M. and
work 5.5 in. Break off yarn.

Next row: with M., k. across all 44 sts.

Work 3 rows in k.1, p.1 rib. Still working in rib, cast off 14 sts. at beg. of next 2 rows and then work 3 rows in rib on the remaining 16 sts. Cast off.


Join the 2 sections of each piece down center over-sewing on the wrong side. Join side the same way. Join bottom seam (cast-on edges) leaving a 2-inch opening in middle for tab of the bottle.

Join top seam (cast-off edges) at sides for about 1 inch. leaving rest open. Sew a press stud on each “neck” of cover.


  1. i enjoyed makng this.

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