Home Made Baby Wipes

Home Made Baby Wipes

You can swap the ingredients to suit your babies skin, by using your own trusted products. It is cheaper than you think to make these!

What you need

1 tbs Baby Lotion
1 tbs Baby soap
1 tbs Baby Oil
1 cup Boiling Water


Take your paper towel and cut the roll in half. Cut it right down the middle and remove the cardboard core. Alternatively you could use a thick unscented toilet paper roll with the core removed.

Mix the lotions, soap and oil together with the water.

Place the roll into an old, clean nappy wipes container or a similar tub.

Pour the solution over the wipes and allow them to soak.

They are ready to use.


  1. I don’t cut the paper towel in half, because it leaves a ragged edge. Leave it whole, but buy the Bounty or Viva that has half sheet option. I boil at least 2 cups water to prevent germs. I lay the paper towel roll in a cake size pan and pour the mixture all over the paper towels. I use lavender baby wash, aloe gel oil, and either lemon, patchouli, or lavender scented oils. I tear apart the sheets and fold in thirds. I store half of the batch in the refrigerator because there are no chemicals added to keep them from molding. Great for washing your face also.
    Now I also make lemon scent Lysol wipes for quick household cleanups instead of buying the ready made pop up kind.

  2. Good mix… try using cloth wipes instead. They work great and are reusable.

  3. terrible.. they were hard to pull out and molded within a week.

  4. Creative, but why not use cloth instead of the paper towels?

  5. This is a fantastic idea.

  6. Thanks, I must try

  7. my 4 year old daughter loves them cause she gets to help make them. she uses them as “poop wipes”

  8. I’ll have to try this on my 1 year old niece!

  9. Good one!!!

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